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wah-2 aku dapat tao yg 2NE1 IS CROWNED MTV IGGY’S BEST NEW BAND IN THE WORLD 2011 !!!!! 

congrats Black Jack + 2NE1 !!!!!

Any band releasing a song titled “I Am the Best” rarely gets the chance to prove it. But for K-pop sensation 2NE1, it only took a few short months. CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy — the four fiercest ladies of K-pop — went head-to-head against nine powerhouse musical acts. But like superheroes from a distant galaxy, like their own “Sudden Attack” video game avatars, they bested all before them. 2NE1′s instantly addictive hard-edged, synthesized, amalgamated pop sound pushes the group light years away from the girlie/sexy/cute female K-pop stereotype, winning the group legions of devoted fans far outside their hometown borders. They promised, “I’ll bring you all the way to the end, follow, follow, me.” And borne upon the shoulders of these Blackjacks, they’re leading the way forward in the 2NE1st century.
For Venezuelan La Vida Bohème, Pakistani Atif Aslam, Malaysian Yuna, and American Skrillex, the ride has been no less thrilling. Each band came equipped with a passionate fanbase but won more hearts along they way, picking up new votes with each passing week. They make us dance, swoon, and cry. They make our faces melt. And they now ride an enormous tide of worldwide support, ready for further honors and acclaim in 2012.
Our straightforward goal, from the outset, was to discover and share mind-blowing new music. To that end, we congratulate and thank all our finalists — you are the best of global pop music. Over the past six weeks, America voted for all of you in massive numbers. It’s been our pleasure to introduce you to new audiences, and now we can say with confidence — America is ready.
2ne1 the best !!!  
walaupun YUNA xmenang, tapi u still the best !!! 
2NE1: How They Became the Best
2NE1 — shorthand for “New Evolution of the 21st Century,” and pronounced either “To Anyone” or “Twenty One” — are all originally from South Korea, although most of them have spent time abroad. They dance and sing and even act — triple threats in the model of classic Hollywood stars. CL (nee Lee Chae-rin), 20, is the group leader and resident rapper; Dara (Sandara Park), 26, was a star in the Philippines before joining 2NE1 and has a huge Filipino fanbase; Bom (Park Bom), 27, studied at the renowned Berklee College of Music in the States and is the group’s main vocalist; and Minzy (Gong Minji), 17, is the group’s youngest member and its most talented dancer. (Minzy’s grandmother, Gong Okjin, is a famous folk dancer.) All four girls trained for years under their label and management group, YG Entertainment. 2NE1 officially formed in 2009, joining other YG acts like Se7en and the all-male sensation Big Bang. And they were literally an overnight success: In ’09, they released their first song, “Lollipop,” recorded with Big Bang — a vibrant concoction inspired by the original 1958 barbershop song, but here with a rap-synth edge. 2NE1′s real debut, “Fire,” followed shortly thereafter, peaking at number one on the Gaon weekly music sales chart, setting a template for nearly every 2NE1 single thereafter. (“Fire”’s iconic air-raid-siren intro and old-school electro vibe inspires freak-outs among fans, who routinely cite “Fire” as their favorite 2NE1 track.) To date, the group has released one full-length album, To Anyone (2010), three EPs, and a mind-boggling 21 singles and videos. Not to mention, they also have their own reality TV show. In our video interview with 2NE1, CL reveals that the group is working on a brand new album to be released next year.
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